Biology Bibliography


Biology Project – an online interactive resource for learning biochemistry, Mendelian genetics, immunology, and cell, developmental, human, and molecular biology.
Biology Online – offering tutorials, an online dictionary of biology, and numerous links.
Cell & Molecular Biology Online – resource center for the academic biology community.

The following works are in the Galveston College Library:



 Biology: The Easy Way  QH 307 .2 .E38
 Biology: Healthy Homoestasis and the Environment  QP 36 .C46 2002
 Encyclopedia of the Human Body  REF QM 7 .E53 2002
 Microbiology For Health Careers – 6th ed.  QR 46 .G76 1999
 The encyclopedia of the Brain and Brain Disorders  REF QP 376 .T87 2002
 The Oxford Companion to the Body  REF QM 7 .O96 2001

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