Active Directory Password Reset Information

Galveston College network passwords, used to access computers on campsus, the Whitecaps Portal, and e-Learning courses in Angel, should be changed on a regular basis.  This will help insure the integrity of your account and College data.

For the users who normally don’t come on campus (only using e-Learning) and for after GC business hours, the IT Service Desk has implemented a new utility called Track-It! Password Reset which will allow users to change Active Directory passwords, even off campus! The user’s Active Directory account must be active and up to date (user can currently log into the GC computers and e-Learning site) to register with Track-It! Password Reset. If the password is currently expired, please call the IT Service Desk at 409-944-1352 to have the password reset before proceeding with the Track-It! Password Reset registration. During Track-It! Password Reset registration, the user will be asked to supply the answers to some security questions. In the future, if the user ever needs to reset the password, the user would go to Track-It! Password Reset, answer the security questions and the password will be reset.

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Track-It! Password Reset Sign-Up

Changing Password

Updated 10/18/2013 - Content Author kklimpt