David Dumas
Phone: 409-944-1766 Position: Adjunct - Dev Ed Math
Office: M-314 Title: Adjunct - Dev Ed Math
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Academic Degree Degree/course credits – Date     Other Qualifications
U. T. Dallas Geophysics Doctorate - 05/1982
Rice University Geophysics Master - 05/1976
Texas Southern Physics Bachelor - 05/1973
Texas Southern Chemistry Chemistry  

Rock Solid Images 11/1998 - 05/2009 Geophysicist This company was formed by the merger of my old (see below) and two other companies. My duties were the same as my previous job. Expanded the attributes and neural networks package. Wrote the code for a batch seismic data enhancement package.
Seismic Research Corporation 08/1994 - 11/1998 Geophysicist Responsibilities included writing and maintaining seismic attributes and l neural networking packages. The neural network package contained Kohonen Self Organizing Maps and Artificial Neural Networks.
Cogniseis Development 06/1986 - 07/1994 Computer Programmer Responsibilities included writing and maintaining interactive refraction statistics package; enhancing a two-dimensional batch first-break picker to manage three-dimensional data; and enhanced and maintained a three-dimensional refraction static package. Spent three months on assignment at Aramco in Saudi Arabia working on three-dimensional refraction statics. Recent language experience in Fortran C and Motif with the Xt tool kit.
SeisCom Delta 05/1980 - 05/1986 Computer Programmer Responsibilities included enhancing and adding to their instrument and quality control package; writing their Vibroseis Quality Control package; maintaining and writing sections of interactive refraction statics package; and general program maintenance. [All Programming in Fortran.]

01/1981 UT Marine Science Institute, Contribution No. 465. "Summary of Local and Regional Earthquakes (S-P 30 second) Recorded at the Univer¬sity of Texas/National Aeronautics and Space Administration (UT/NASA) seismic network
01/1980 EOS,  Vol 61, Number 17 "The Seismicity of the Gulf of Mexico"
01/1980 New Mexico Geological Society Guidebook "Seismicity in the Basin and Range Province of Texas and Northeastern Chihuahua Mexico"
01/1980 Bullentin of the Seismological Society of America “A reevaluation of the August16 1931 Texas earthquake”
01/1979 Bulletin of Seismological Society of America "Active Seismic Focus Near Snyder Texas"
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