Conrad Breitbach
Phone: 409-944-1316 Position: Associate Professor of Physical Education
Office: H-202 Title: Arts & Humanities Division Director
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Academic Degree Degree/course credits – Date     Other Qualifications
University of Idaho Physical Education/Sport Science         Master - 12/2003
University of Idaho General Studies Bachelor - 12/2001

University of Idaho 01/03 - 05/04 Senior Research Supervisor Center of ETHICS Correlating with director Dr. Shanon Stoll the research projects of five masters and PhD students.
University of Idaho 08/01 - 05/02 Teaching Graduate APHERD Teaching activity courses in the HPERD department (weight training and circuit training semester courses). Research and development for character education and ethical moral reasoning projects through the Center for ETHICS. Head Coach of the University of Idaho Rugby team 2001-2003 record of 35-7
Mt. Hood Community College 08/1999 - 06/2000 Assistant Track and Field Coach Strength and conditioning all athletes. Throws coach for all skills techniques. Recruiting, budgeting, counceling, academic advising, housing and monitoring of all track and field athletics.

A Trim Physique for Holiday Feast 04/2003 Galveston Daily News Article for fitness for local paper
Fellowship Followership and Servant Leadsrship. 03/2003 Center for ETHICS* A leadership text book developed exculsively for Division 1 NCAA Football teams
Winning in Life 11/2002 Center for ETHICS A character leadership cirriculum based on applied character education and moral develpment for NCAA athletic populations.
Text of Character 06/2002 Center for ETHICS A leadership text book developed exculsively for Division 1 NCAA Football teams
SBB Servant Leadership Inventory 01/2002 Center for ETHICS Inventory to measure leadership and moral development of college sports.
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