Pamela Fritz




 Dual Credit Chemistry Instructor


 Ball High School


 Adjunct –Chemistry


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Academic Degree

Degree – Date              

Other Qualifications

Texas A&M University

Food Science & Technology

Masters – 12/1984

Texas Educator Certificate

Oregon State University


Bachelor – 6/1978


Illinois State University





Galveston Independent School District

High School Teacher


O’Connell College Preparatory School

High School Teacher

Chemistry, Physics, IPC

Hitchcock Independent School District

7th Grade Teacher



Senior Research Associate, Research Associate II, Research Associate I, Research Technician


Chrysalis Biotechnology, Inc.

Research Scientist


Hoffman-LaRoche, Inc.

Associate Scientist


Texas A&M University

Graduate Research Assistant


Food Quality Analysts, Inc.




Yeast Genome Expression Responses Induced by Microgravity. 

McGinnis, M.R. and Fritz, P.H. 2002.

34th COSPAR, The Second World Space Congress Scientific Assembly, Houston, TX Oct. 2002

Yeast Genome Microtemporal Expression Responses Induced by Microgravity.  


McGinnis, M.R., Fritz, P.H., Luxon, B.A., Popov, V. and Wood, T.G. 

Sixth Annual Structural Biology Symposium. Galveston, TX May 2001

Cell Activation by Thrombin Peptide, TP508, Stimulates a Pattern of Gene Expression Distinct From That Induced by Thrombin or SFLLRNP.

Fritz, P.H. and Carney, D.H. 

ASCB Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., Dec 1999

A Multicellular Spheroid Model for Studying Genotoxic Effects From Environmental Insults. 

Gonda, S.R., Yang, T.C., Pingerelli, P.L., Wyborski, D.L., Lee, W., Haddad, R.S., and Fritz, P.H. 

ASCB Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C. Dec.1997

Characterization of a Novel Noncoding RNA: Evidence for Function in Human Thrombin Receptor Gene Regulation. 

Li, F., Fritz, P.H., Yan, C., Wang, J., Ruef, J., Patterson, C., Aaron, J., and Runge, M.S. 


A Noncoding RNA is Involved in Gene Regulation by a Novel Mechanism.


Li, F., Fritz, P.H., Yan, C.N., Wang, J., Ruef, J., Aaron, J., and Runge, M.S.


Keystone Symposia, RNA-Protein Interaction, P13 (No. 120) Taos, New Mexico Feb. 1-6, 1997


Thrombin Receptor Plasminogen Activator and its Receptor mRNA Response to TNF- alpha and H2O2.  


Li, F., Yan, C., Sperling, L., Hu, Z.Y., Fritz, P.H., Wang, D.H., Huber, A.R.,

and Runge, M.S. 

The 96th Symposium of International Chinese Heart Health Network. Beijing, China. Oct. 1996

Differential Expression of Rab 13, A Low Molecular Weight G-Protein Involved in Vesicular Secretion in Ballon-Injured Baboon Arteries.

Li, F., Horaist, C., Hu, Z.Y., Wang, J., Ruef, J., Yan, C., Fritz, P., Wang, D.H., and Runge, M.S. 

Circulation 94:(8, supp.): I-639, 1996

Microgravity-Based Three Dimensional Transgenic Models. 

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Mol. Biol. Cell 7:112a, Dec. 1996

An estrogen-inducible NF-IL6 transactivator to identify acute-phase response gene networks in hepatocytes. 


Brasier, A.R. and Fritz, P.H. 

Endocrine Society, Anaheim, CA. June 1994

Immunological Identification of a Basolateral Lactate-H+ Co-Transporter in Rabbit Kidney. 

Schuster, V.L., Bao, Y., Fritz, P.H. and Jennings, M.L. 

J. Am. Society of Nephrology, 2(3):Sept. 1991

Human Erythrocyte Band 3 Protein: Role of Glutamate 681 in Anion-Proton Cotransport. 

Jennings, M.L. and P.H. Fritz. 

FASEB, 1991

Transfer of Adriamycin Resistance by Fusion of 170,000 Dalton p-Glycoprotein. 

Belli, James A., Yin Zhang, and Pamela Fritz. 

Cancer Research 50(7):2191-2197, 1990

Rapid and Convenient Separation of Pentachlorophenol from Human Fat Using Silica Sep-Pak Cartridges. 

Ansari, G.A.S. and P.Y. Hendrix. 

J. Chromatgr. 346:435-439, 1985

In Vivo Covalent Binding of 14C-Carbon Tetrachloride to Proteins of Rat Liver.


Ansari, G.A.S., R.B. Lewis and P.Y. Hendrix. 

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Tissue Distribution and Pharmacokinetics of 3-t-(Methyl-C-14) Butyl-4-Hydroxyanisole in Rats. Drug Metabol.

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Effect of Short-Term Cimetidine Adminstration on Fecal Bile Acid Losses in Cystic Fibrosis.

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J. Ped. Gastro. Nutr. 2(3):447-451, 1983.



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