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Carroll Sunseri (center), a member of the Galveston Community College District Board of Regents, recently sponsored five youngsters from the Discovery Club  (a GISD project for the Education of Homeless Children) for Session I of Galveston College’s Kids College. Pictured with Sunseri are (left) Kelley Romar, Project Coordinator for GISD Discovery Club, and Sheryle L. Jackson, Customer Account Executive, Continuing Education Department, Galveston College. For information about sponsoring Discovery Club youngsters for Session II of Kids College, contact the Galveston College Foundation at 409.944.1303.

Registration underway for Session II of Galveston College Kids’ College

The second session of Galveston College’s Kids’ College begins July 10 and continues through July 26.  If your youngsters (ages 6-9 and 10-12) did not take part in the first session, don’t delay in registering them for Session II.   Offered by the Galveston College Continuing Education Division, new classes offered for the second session of KIDS COLLEGE include the following courses listed below.  Classes are offered on Mondays and Wednesdays for youngsters ages 6-9, unless otherwise noted. Each 1 ½ hour class is $45. To register, pay for classes with a credit card, and for more information, call 409.944.1344 or email to:  Additional details about each class are posted on the Galveston College website at

  • Hip Hop Dance –Youngsters will learn how to dance with a New York street style of free, funky, soulful expression of movement.  It’s fun, urban dancing for kids full of energy.  Students must wear tennis shoes.  Class time: 8-9.30am.
  • Lyrical Ballet –Young students will learn to dance with the Princess Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine, Belle, and Ariel.  This class is a combination of ribbon dancing, contemporary ballet and theatrical dance performed to princess-inspired musical ballet movements that encourage expression or motion and story-telling.  Students may wear ballet, jazz, or tennis shoes.  Class time: 12 noon -1.30pm. 
  • Dance Jazz & Ballet –This class will focus on traditional movements, steps, flexibility, and body alignment for both Jazz and Ballet. Excellent class to learn gracefulness, balance, flexibility, rhythm, and overall body movement and motor skills. Students may wear ballet or jazz shoes, or socks.  Class time: 9.30am-11am.
  • Lil’ Chess Champs –Budding chess players will learn how to play chess like a professional. Class time: 8am-9.30am.
  • Space Exploration – Here’s your child’s chance to explore the universe as if he/she were a real astronaut – and travel to the planets, take a trip to the moon, visit the stars, eat space food, and live in a space shuttle. Class time: 1.30pm-3pm.
  • Lil’ Forensic Scientists – Specifically for ages 10-12, your budding detective won’t want to miss the chance to solve a crime. Just like Sherlock Holmes, your young investigator will learn how to solve crimes with the merest of physical clues left at a crime scene.  Class time: 9.30am-11am.
  • Let’s Read Something Challenging – Designed for youngsters ages 10-12, this class will help students enhance their reading skills by comparing and contrasting different pieces of literature. Students will work together on group activities. Class time: 1.30 pm- 3pm.
  • Checkers-Checkers – Your children can learn how to play checkers like the pros. They’ll learn what it means when you “King” and how to make your opponent “Jump”.  Class time: 12 noon – 1.30pm.
  • Horticulture – This class offers your children the opportunity to see seeds grow.  They will learn how to care for and handle flowers and potted plants; identify the uses of cut flowers and potted plants for floral designs. Class time: 3pm-4.30pm.
  • Grossology for Kids!  This class is sure to be of interest for those youngsters eager to learn science that is smelled and seen every day.  Children will grow slime, edible barf, and study the molding process.  Grossology (defined as stinky, slimy, gritty, and gross) is sure to be fun, educational, and crazy!  Class time: 9.30am-11am.
  • Kickboxing – Available for ages 8-12, students will learn kick-boxing jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts that will strengthen and condition their young bodies.  Students will also learn good eating habits.   Tennis shoes and workout attire required. Registration limited to 15 students. Class time: 9.30am-11am.
Registration for Galveston College Kid’s Camps also underway.

The second session of Kid’s Camps will be held Tuesday and Thursday from 8am-3pm, July 11 through July 27.   Cost of each camp is $165. For more information and to register using a credit card, call 409.944.1344 or email to  Additional information may be available on the College website at  Below is a list of activities offered during Session II of Kid’s Camps.

  • Soccer – This class will be offered in the GC gymnasium. Class open to youngsters ages 6-9.
  • Basketball – Taught by the G.I.S.D. coaching staff, this class is offered to youngsters ages 10-12, and will also be taught in the GC gymnasium.
  • V-I-C-T-O-R-Y Cheerleading -  For children ages 10-12, this class will teach facial expression, voice readiness, simple formations, jumps, dance movements, and cheers.

Registration will continue as long as there is space in the class. Classes are reserved on a first-registered, first-paid basis. Please have your child’s social security number when registering.  Fees include the supplies needed in each course unless otherwise advised. Lunch is served in the Student Center and available for $4.00 per meal.  Students may bring a sack lunch. Drop off/pickup instructions will be provided when registering your child/children.

“English as a Second Language” Course begins July 10

For those individuals eager to improve their communication skills in the workplace, Galveston College is offering a special “English as a Second Language” course from July 10- August 2, every Monday and Wednesday from 1pm-4pm. The cost is $110.  The course will address essential listening, speaking, reading, writing, and computational skills required by business and industry.  For more information, call 409.944.1344.