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Galveston College recently hosted Ball High Seniors at the Universal Access “Go for it!” days to offer information on the free tuition program for graduates of Ball and O’Connell High Schools. 
 Pictured from left to right are Go for it program participants.  Jameeka Grogan, Student Activities Coordinator; Linda Kelley, Enrollment Services Specialist and Meghann Nash, Financial Aid Specialist.

Summer Session Starts May 30

Galveston College’s Summer Session I classes start Tuesday, May 30, 2006.  Open Registration will be held May 23, 24 and 25 from 8:30 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. at the Galveston College main campus at 4015 Avenue Q on Galveston Island.

Galveston College is introducing its new Campus Online registration system as part of a pilot program during the 2006 Summer Sessions.  The Campus Online system allows students to register for credit courses at the College’s website.  Campus Online will be fully operational for Fall 2006.

 Summer/Fall Schedules Available On Campus and Online

The Galveston College combined summer/fall credit and non-credit schedules are available on the College’s website at in both a searchable and PDF format.  Published copies of the schedule are at locations on campus and also being distributed throughout the community at doctor’s offices, dry cleaners, grocery stores, banks and restaurants.  For your personal copy to be mailed to your home call Sandra at 409-944-1300.

Universal Access Scholarships

A nationally recognized program that the community of Galveston created to provide education and cover training opportunities for its citizens
Universal Access Scholarships ensure that every eligible graduate of a Galveston high school, home school program or GED recipient has the opportunity to attend Galveston College to pursue a two year associates degree, take university transfer classes or receive technical training through a workforce development program.

To be eligible, an applicant must be a resident of the Galveston College taxing district, which includes Galveston Island and Port Bolivar, for a minimum of 12 months prior to graduation or GED completion and continue to be a resident of the Galveston College taxing district while enrolled at Galveston College and receiving Universal Access funds. A recipient must be a resident of the state of Texas and United States citizen or an alien who has filed with the proper federal immigration authorities a declaration of intention to become a citizen (Texas Education Code 54.057) allowing these students to qualify for resident tuition rates.

The maximum Universal Access Scholarship grant is $2,400, for up to five years. Complete Eligibility and Participation Guidelines for the program are available on request from the Financial Aid Office.

For more information, contact the Galveston College Foundation at (409) 944-1303. To apply, contact the Galveston College Financial Aid Office at (409) 944-1235.

Recent and Soon-to-Be Grads Urged to Enroll

High school seniors at Ball and O’Connell, home schooled graduates and G.E.D. graduates are urged to come to Galveston College this summer to take advantage of the free tuition and fees Universal Access program.  Even if recent graduates are going off to a four year university in the fall of 2006 the Universal Access program can be used this summer and can continue to be used in semesters for transferable freshmen and sophomore courses.

Also rising juniors and seniors should check out the Galveston College options of early college through dual credit and early admissions opportunities.  Visit the Galveston College Counseling Center today for more information.

Beacon Square Bricks Deadline June 1, 2006

Galveston College is selling bricks or pavers for the new Beacon Square Development. The deadline for brick purchases is June 1, 2006. The College’s Vision Statement-“Galveston College, a beacon of light guiding lifelong learning”-has inspired the development of Beacon Square. Beacon Square will provide a walkway entry featuring the South Jetty Lighthouse cupola at 39th Street and Avenue Q. You have an opportunity to be a lasting part of the front entrance of Galveston College, near an important piece of Galveston History. The South Jetty Lighthouse was located two miles from Galveston Island from 1916 to 2000 until a storm toppled it. Through a lease with the U.S. Coast Guard, the restored lighthouse cupola will soon be part of the Galveston College campus. As part of the College’s expansion project, bricks will be placed around the cupola and at the entrance of 39th Street and Avenue Q that will have names inscribed by laser. The bricks may also be used to honor or remember friends and family, businesses or other organizations. Walkway pavers are available for individual, organization or corporate sponsors from $100 to $800. For more information contact Joe Huff at (409) 944-1302 or

Distance Learning

Distance Education brings regular college instruction to those who cannot attend classes on campus. Most Distance Education courses have no regularly scheduled class meetings. Thereafter, students may attend optional review sessions preceding each exam; but will work independently at a pace prescribed by the course syllabus. Distance Education classes are not easier than on-campus classes. Successful students must be self-disciplined and exercise good study habits. Substantial homework should be anticipated and will constitute a major portion of the course grade. Additional information is located at

Many distance education instructors require students to attend course specific orientation. Please check the course schedule carefully for information about these sessions. In addition, beginning in the 2006 Summer I semester, ALL distance education students will ALSO be required to attend one of the following Web CT/Distance Learning orientations. This session will discuss essential Web CT skills and tips/guidelines for succeeding in a distance education classroom. The dates and times for the general distance education seminars are:
SUMMER:   Tuesday May 30th at 4:00 pm, Wednesday May 31st at 10:00 am and at 6:00 pm, and Thursday June 1st at 9:00 am 

FALL:  Friday, August 25 at 6:00 pm AND Saturday, August 26 at 10:00 am
These sessions will last approximately one hour and will be held in room N-346.
Please contact: Samantha Jolly at 409-944-1324 or to register for one of these orientations.

VCT -Virtual College of Texas

Additional Internet courses may be taken through Galveston College via the Virtual College of Texas. VCT is a statewide collaboration of Texas' two-year colleges to make Internet courses available to every Texas college student. Instruction takes place online. Though an instructor may be located at another college, students register for the desired course at their local community college, pay their tuition and fees, and their community college will transcript the course. Students may select courses by viewing the catalog at If you would like to enroll for a course, contact Samantha Jolly, VCT Specialist, at (409) 944-1324 located in the Continuing Educa¬tion Office.

Classes offered thru the VCT include:

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Criminal Justice
  • Economics
  • EnglishGovernment
  • History
  • Humanities
  • Math
  • office Administration
  • Psychology
  • Spanish
  • Speech
    And many more...
Announcing Leadership Galveston Fall 2006

The Leadership Galveston program was revived during 1995 as a project of Galveston College's Leadership Institute in partnership with the Galveston Chamber of Commerce. The Leadership Galveston members now boast over 300 former graduates of diverse backgrounds and experi¬ences that studied the social and economic aspects of Galveston in previous leadership classes between 1984-1990 and 1995 - 2005.

The purpose of Leadership Galveston is to develop leaders by providing an educational pro¬gram on the needs, challenges, and service learning opportunities in the City of Galveston and to provide motivation for the leadership candidates to become involved in Galveston's future.

Its objectives are to: (1) acquaint participants with Galveston's history, government, economy and resources along with the problems and challenges facing the City; (2) offer participants the opportunity to meet and develop working relationships with current leaders and decision makers; and (3) encourage program participants to actively become involved in community leadership roles.

Acceptance in the program is based upon potential leadership skills, involvement in commu¬nity affairs and concern for the future of Galveston. As civic, business and government leaders tackle current issues, a new generation of leadership is training to overcome the obstacles that face Galveston and those that will arise in the coming years. Leadership Galveston is a training ground, providing participants with the necessary skills to meet the challenges.

The Leadership Galveston Fall 2006 Dates are Fridays, September 8, September 22, October 6, October 20, November 3, and November 17. The cost is $325.00 per registrant.

For more information call Joe Huff, Director of Public Affairs and Galveston College Foundation at (409) 944-1302 or email