How to Register Online


How to Register ONLINE

Existing students may register via the Whitecaps Portal. The portal will provide students with immediate and ongoing information about programs and services available at Galveston College. 

Continuing Education and Non-Credit Seeking students can register online by following the links on the Continuing Education Registration Page. 

Prior to enrolling in for credit classes during early or general registration, Students must complete the following steps:

  1. Contact the Office of Admissions to verify that your records are complete.
  2. Prepare a draft schedule to review with a Counselor, Faculty Advisor, or Program Coordinator. 

New credit seeking students will be given access to the Whitecaps Portal for Registration, only after meeting with an Advisor.
Existing credit seeking students can register via the Whitecaps Portal during scheduled registration periods.

 (Should you have any holds on your records you will be prevented from registering for new classes until those holds have been cleared). 

The following instructions are intended to help all students who have access to the Whitecaps Portal with Registration:

  1. Click on Whitecaps Portal
  2. Enter your GC user ID and Password the password is the same as your current campus computer password) and click login.  For new students, enter GC followed by your 7 digit student ID number and Password. (mmddyy) and click login
  3. Under “Quick links”, please select Register for Classes.
  4. Select Search and Register for Classes
  5. Select a term, enter as many search criteria as you wish and click on Submit.
  6. To add a class, Click the Select Section(s) box next to the section you want to add and click submit
  7. Select the appropriate action for all sections of for each section individually and click submit
  8. Review your registration results and click OK
  9. Pay for your classes online by click the FACTS* payment tab

REGISTRATION IS COMPLETE WHEN TUITION AND FEES ARE PAID.  Please contact the Business Office Cashier for additional Payment Methods.