Questions and Answers for Returning Students


Questions and Answers for Returning Students

FAQs                                                                     UPDATED:  10/6/08 8:00 a.m.

When will Fall 2008 classes resume?

Classes will resume on Wednesday, October 8, 2008.  Students enrolled in regular semester hour credit courses should report to their classes at their regularly scheduled time and place.  Students enrolled in continuing education classes should contact the Office of Continuing Education for specific information regarding their classes. 

When will the College reopen to the public?

The College will reopen to the public on Tuesday, October 7, 2008.  Faculty and staff will report to work on Monday, October 6, 2008 for meetings and other activities. 

Will we have to make up the time we missed due to Hurricane Ike? 

Yes, in order to receive credit for a class, course requirements must be completed.  This includes course objectives, stated learning outcomes, as well as laboratory, clinical, and/or class time.

I heard that classes will be meeting on the weekends.  Is that true?

Yes, In order to make up laboratory, clinical, and/or class time, most classes will be meeting on the weekends in order to complete the fall semester in a timely manner.  Although the Galveston College will focus primarily on course objectives and learning outcomes, most classes will need to meet on some Fridays and/or some Saturdays during the remainder of the Fall semester.  It is possible that some assignments may be completed via the Internet or Distance Education.

When and how will class time be made up?

Classes that normally meet on Monday and Wednesday, in addition to the normal meeting times may be meeting on the following Fridays:  October 17, October 24, November 7, November 14, November 21, December 5, and December 12.  Classes that normally meet on Tuesday and Thursday, in addition to their normal meeting times may be meeting on the following Saturdays:  October 18, October 25, November 8, November 15, November 22, December 6, and December 13.  Scheduled meeting times and places for Friday and Saturday classes will be the same as the regular schedule on MW or TTh.  Students who have a class or classes that only meets one night a week or who have a class that currently meets on the weekend should check with their instructor for additional information concerning your class.

Will there be any changes to Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday schedule?

No, we will adhere to the holiday schedule as published.

Are there any changes to the final exam schedule?

No, all final exams will be given as originally posted and published for the Fall semester.

Will there be adjustments in the class schedule once the College reopens?

As a result of the disruption caused by Hurricane Ike, it is possible that some schedule / class adjustments by the College will be necessary.  We hope these adjustments will be minimal. We will work to reduce any hardship these changes may cause.  Please understand that we will do what we can to accommodate your schedule as well as that of our faculty. 

What if I need to change my class schedule due to a change in my schedule?

Once the College reopens, it may be possible for you to change your class schedule.  If you believe that you need to change your schedule, please contact the Counseling Office, the Registrar’s Office, or your advisor.  All schedule changes must be completed prior to the close of business on Friday, October 10, 2008.

What if I just need to drop a class?

Once the College reopens for business on Tuesday, October 7, it will be possible for you to drop a class.  Students wishing to drop a class should contact the Counseling Office, the Registrar’s Office, or your advisor for additional information.

What if I cannot return to classes due to a change in my circumstances which were caused by Hurricane Ike?

Students who need to completely withdraw from classes this semester may do so during regular business hours beginning Tuesday, October 7, 2008.

What is the procedure for dropping or withdrawing from class?

Students wishing to change their schedule, drop a class, or completely withdraw from school should contact the Counseling Office, the Registrar’s Office, or your advisor for specific information and/or directions.

Will I be penalized academically if I decide to take the rest of this semester off?

No, students who need to withdraw due to Hurricane Ike will not be penalized academically.  Students should contact their advisor or the Counseling Office for additional information.

If I have to withdraw or drop a class due to changes in my circumstances will I receive a refund?

Yes, Galveston College has established a new refund schedule based on Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Guidelines, Guidelines from the State of Texas, and the dates of the revised Galveston College academic calendar.  The old and the new refund schedule are printed below.

Classes Began       Monday, August 25 
12th Class Day Wednesday, September 10
Classes Suspended Due to Hurricane Ike  6:00 p.m., Wednesday, September 10
Classes to Resume Wednesday, October 8

Refund Schedule  Original Dates for the Refund Schedule  Revised Dates for the Refund Schedule 
100 % Prior to the 1st Class Day  Prior to August 25  Prior to August 25 
70 % During the 1st 15 Class Days  Prior to September 16  Prior to October 11 
25% During the Next 5 Class Days  Prior to September 23  Prior to October 18 
None/$0 After the 20th Day  After September 22  After October 17 

Due to Hurricane Ike, is it possible to receive a refund greater than that allowed by the established refund schedule?

Galveston College is currently examining this possibility.  Due to guidelines established by the State of Texas and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, this may or may not be possible.  Students withdrawing from all classes due to the hurricane may elect to complete the special form declaring extraordinary circumstances/reasons for withdrawal in order for the College to even begin considering your request for a refund greater than allowed by the established refund schedule.

If I withdraw from school at this point in time, how will withdrawing affect my financial aid? 

Your Financial Aid award will be recalculated based upon your last date of attendance. As a result, you may owe the school and/or federal government additional monies after totally withdrawing from classes.

When will refund checks, Pell Grant Checks, and/or other financial assistance checks be available?

Checks will be made available to students beginning Monday, October 20th.  A notice will be sent to students via Ed-Connect when checks are ready to be picked up.  Checks will not be mailed, but must be picked up in person in the Business Office.  Proper ID will be required. 

Some or all of my textbooks were damaged or destroyed in the Hurricane or I don’t have access to my textbooks. How do I go about replacing them?

The Bookstore on campus which is operated by Texas Book Company is making arrangements to have additional copies of your textbooks available for purchase.

Is there any additional assistance or emergency assistance funds available to students attending Galveston College?

Yes, students may apply for the Dreamkeepers Emergency Assistance beginning Monday, October 20th.  (The maximum award will be $250.00)  Completed applications must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office along with all appropriate supporting documentation.  Information and/or documentation regarding other sources of your attempts to receive assistance for this emergency must also be included.  In addition, students with extenuating circumstances (due to Hurricane Ike) are encouraged to visit with a financial aid advisor at the College to discuss needs and possible options.

My home was damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Ike.  Does the college have any housing available?

Unfortunately, Galveston College does not have any on-campus housing available.  However, it is possible individuals with available housing or rooms to rent may have contacted the College.  Students should consult the bulletin board in the Student Services area for possible availability.

Is the water safe to drink in Galveston?  (Updated 10/6/08)

The City of Galveston has lifted the boil water order and declared the water safe to drink.  In order to add to your comfort level about the water situation in Galveston, Galveston College will provide at no charge bottled water to our faculty, staff, and students while on campus (as long as supplies last).  Bottled water will be distributed through the Cyber Café in the Library during regular business hours.

When will food service be available on campus?  (Updated 10/6/08)

The Galveston College Food Service will open when classes resume on Wednesday, October 8, 2008.  In addition, vending machines containing soft drinks and snacks will be available throughout the campus. 

Will the on-campus child care be available?

Yes, for students previously approved for child care slots, the on-campus child care program operated by the Galveston YMCA will be available again beginning the first day classes resume, Wednesday, October 8, 2008.

How do I update my Galveston College computer password?

If you are having difficulty changing your password due to its expiration, make sure that in the "Account" field you precede your username with "gc\."  Example:  gc\rvandewa