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Galveston College Director of Public Affairs and Galveston College Foundation Joe Huff congratulates Mirta Salinas on receiving the Tommy Smith Music Scholarship.  The Galveston College Foundation provides over $50,000 in annual scholarships and over $175,000 in annual Universal Access free tuition awards.

Galveston College Creates Career Paths for Students

In a world of rising education costs, Galveston residents know they are fortunate to have access to free college tuition. Galveston College President W. Myles Shelton is happy to report the Universal Access fund continues to grow, thanks to generous community support.
“Galveston College and community colleges, in general, are great places for students to start their education,” explains Shelton. “The cost of community colleges is extremely low compared to most universities. And, with Galveston College’s Universal Access Program, it is basically free to students who graduate from high school within our service area.”

The Universal Access Program, implemented in 2001, is designed to ensure that every eligible high school graduate – including home school graduates – who resides in the Galveston College taxing district has the opportunity for further education. The program provides college tuition and fee payments up to $2,400 to qualifying students, to be used within a five-year period.

The Universal Access Program also allows for funding of non-credit workforce programs, such as, dental assisting, pharmacy technician, nurse assistant and welding. Beginning in spring 2008, the Galveston College foundation will also offer Galveston High School juniors and seniors tuition assistance for dual credit classes.

According to Joe Huff, Director of Public Affairs and the Galveston College Foundation, this program has already assisted more than 2,000 individuals with funds exceeding $3.6 million.

Galveston College also works to ensure the community maintains a strong workforce through its workforce education courses, such as the Culinary Arts degree and certificate programs.

Culinary Arts is one of the fastest growing fields of employment in the United States today.  According to chef Paul Mendoza, program coordinator, “Rapid expansion of publicity through television programs such as the Food Network has increased people’s knowledge about food and added a more sophisticated level of education. Consumers are seeking more and more interesting dining experiences.” 

Culinary Arts, as are all the workforce education programs, is market-focused and designed to meet students’ career goals, as well as the needs of the regional business community. For instance, Texas currently ranks in the top five states expected to show the highest restaurant-sales growth, which will continue to increase job opportunities in this field.

Another area of the College that offers students some very specific career paths is allied health and nursing.  Galveston College offers associate degrees in biotechnology, emergency medical services, nursing, and radiologic health sciences. Certificate programs are offered in EMT basic, intermediate and paramedic training, magnetic resonance imaging, medical office assistant, phlebotomy, radiation therapy, surgical technology and vocational nursing.

Enhanced skills certificates, or post-associate degrees, are also offered in computed tomography, MRI and mammography. Completion of these programs often enhances employability and offers more specialized training. 

Deb Scroggins, Dean of Health Sciences, announced that this summer will be the first time Galveston College will offer respiratory care in collaboration with the University of Texas Medical Branch, also located in Galveston. “This is a huge opportunity for our program,” said Dean Scroggins.

This year, on February 21, please join Galveston College and community colleges throughout Texas in support for Community College Student Day and educational excellence. 

Galveston College Offering Variety of Cooking Classes

Galveston College’s Continuing Education Division is offering several cooking classes for leisure learners.  The first class is being offered on Saturday, February 23, 2008 from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.  The course is titled Sushi and Spring Rolls.  The cost is $50 and students will learn how to make four types of meat-filled or vegetarian spring rolls, as well as three types of dipping sauces.  The second class is offered on Saturday, March 8, 2008 from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. and is titled Drop Dead Desserts.  The cost is $50 and students will learn how to make elegant desserts.  For more information call (409) 944-1344.