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Galveston College employees Valencia Allen, Pamela Britton, and Wayne Way recently celebrated 10 years of service with the College. Pictured from left to right are Dr. Myles Shelton, President; Valencia Allen, Facilities Clerk; Pamela Britton, Vocational Nursing Program Coordinator; Wayne Way, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, and Tino Gonzalez, Board of Regents Chairman.

Leadership Galveston 2011-2012 Dates Announced

Galveston College, in partnership with the Galveston Chamber of Commerce, has set dates for the new Leadership Galveston 2011-2012. Sessions will be held from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Fridays, September 16, October 21, November18, December 16, January 20, February 17, March 23, and April 20. The cost is $500 per registrant.  For information, call Joe Huff, Director of Public Affairs and Galveston College Foundation, at 409-944-1302, or e-mail  The last day to register is September 2, 2011.

The Leadership Galveston program was revived in 1995 as a project of Galveston College's Leadership Institute in partnership with the Galveston Chamber of Commerce. The Leadership Galveston members now boast over 500 former graduates from diverse backgrounds and experiences who studied the social and economic aspects of Galveston in previous leadership classes between 1984-1990 and 1995 - 2011.  The purpose of Leadership Galveston is to develop leaders by providing an educational program that addresses the needs, challenges, and service learning opportunities in the City of Galveston and to provide motivation for the leadership candidates to become involved in Galveston's future.


  1. Acquaint participants with Galveston's history, government, economy and resources along with the problems and challenges facing the City.
  2. Offer participants the opportunity to meet and develop working relationships with current leaders and decision makers.
  3. Encourage program participants to actively become involved in community leadership roles.

Acceptance in the program is based upon potential leadership skills, involvement in community affairs and concern for the future of Galveston.  As civic, business and government leaders tackle current issues, a new generation of leadership is training to overcome the obstacles that face Galveston, and those that will arise in the coming years.  Leadership Galveston is a training ground, providing participants with the necessary skills to meet those challenges.

Prospective students must complete the College’s Leadership Galveston application and the Employer’s Certification forms, which are online at, and mail them to Galveston College Leadership Institute, c/o Joe Huff, at 4015 Ave. Q, Galveston, TX 77550.

Local Graduates Can Use Universal Access

Since the Fall Semester of 2001, Universal Access scholarships have been provided to ensure that every eligible high school graduate, or equivalent, who meets the general requirements listed below, has the opportunity to attend Galveston College and pursue academic courses or receive technical training through a workforce development program.

General Requirements

  • Resident of the Galveston College taxing district, which includes the City of Galveston, and communities of Port Bolivar and Crystal Beach, for a minimum of 12 months prior to graduation from high school or successful completion of GED or home schooling and must continue to be a resident of the Galveston College taxing district while enrolled at Galveston College and receiving Universal Access funds.  A recipient must be a student who is able to claim Texas in-state residency using the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board residency criteria (See the Admissions Office for further information).
  • Graduate of Ball High School, O’Connell High School, or GED certificate holder; or completed home schooling within the Galveston College taxing district.  All graduates are eligible to apply regardless of their high school GPA.
    All applicants must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), a Universal Access application, and an admissions application or any other public/state scholarship funding applications that may become available.  Second year applicant must complete a FAFSA; submit an updated degree plan signed by counseling office and a Universal Access application.  The FAFSA is completed online at; other forms are turned in to the Financial Aid Office at Galveston College. Forms should be turned in by August 1 for fall enrollment, December 5 for spring enrollment and May 10 for summer enrollment. In some cases, the Foundation Director can waive these dates as deadlines but in no case shall Universal Access eligibility be given if the student is not “packaged” for FAFSA and UA scholarship by the first day of class. A final high school transcript or GED certificate must be submitted to the admissions office prior to registration. 
  • If the student has received a Pell Grant that satisfies the costs for tuition and fees, the commitment of Universal Access will be considered fulfilled.  Other assistance includes Federal Financial Aid such as the Pell Grant or Workforce Investment Act, and state financial aid such as the Texas Grant. If the student receives assistance that is under the total cost of tuition and fees for the academic year or workforce program, Universal Access will pay the difference between the amount received and the cost of tuition and fees. 
  • The maximum Universal Access Scholarship grant is $2,400 for tuition and fees and must be used within a five year period. A one-time book stipend of $200 will be awarded to each eligible student. If the $200 book stipend is not fully utilized during the semester of issuance the balance will not be forwarded to future semesters. Supplies and other related educational expenses are not covered by Universal Access.