Microsoft PowerPoint Training

Microsoft PowerPoint - Discover how to use PowerPoint to create, edit and save presentations. Learn how to use the AutoContent Wizard, design templates and how to spell check your presentation. Find out how to create speaker notes, utilize the Outline tab, create and format bulleted and numbered lists and how to insert, format, edit and proof text. Discover how to insert images, work with drawing objects and find out the different options for printing presentation data. Learn to use slide sorter view to make organizing your slides easier.

Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint - Find out how to edit multiple presentations at a time and how to get help. Work with advanced editing tools to create effective slide shows. Customize your presentations, work with slide masters and add special effects. Create note and handout masters. Draw and edit objects and create charts and tables. Learn how to export slides, use data from other sources and to share presentations for review. Find out how to create a custom slide show and how to present to a wider audience.

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