Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access - Discover what a relational database is and what it can do for you. Learn to create a new database and create tables using design view and the Table Wizard. Find out how to set field properties, create input masks and lookup lists. Learn how to find and filter data, print data from your database, create relationships and use simple queries. Find out how to create basic forms and how to add records using the forms. See how to analyze tables, create reports and how to get help. Learn how to modify tables, use operators and how to design advanced queries. Find out how to create calculated fields, function and parameter queries.

Advanced Microsoft Access - Discover how to create action queries, how to use advanced database features and how to manipulate controls. Create forms containing option groups and combo boxes and list boxes. Learn to customize the tab order in forms and use AutoFormat to make formatting easy. Discover how to use subforms and subreports. Learn how to create and use macros. Create ActiveX Controls on Forms and Command Buttons. Create and use Switchboards.

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