Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word - Learn the basics of Microsoft Word and word processing. Create, save and print documents, use cut, copy and paste, apply character and paragraph formatting and insert headers and footers. Discover how to work with different document views, apply numbers and bullets and learn basic document formatting. Use spell check and learn how to make the most of online help. Find out how to use templates, wizards and how to organize lists. Discover how to utilize even more features of Microsoft Word to accomplish word processing tasks.

Advanced Microsoft Word - Create tables quickly and easily while learning to use formulas and functions. Find out how to edit existing tables and to sort tabled data. Learn to split and merge cells as well as convert tabled data into text. Discover a broad range of Word features to improve the content, appearance and to speed up the editing of documents. Learn how to insert dates, lists, tab stops and to utilize multiple columns. Work with paragraph indents and use a number of Word-specific controls such as autoformat, autocorrect, autotext, and edit preferences. Learn how to work with drawing objects and to insert graphics, charts and diagrams. Find out how to use mail merge, utilize macros, create forms and how to import excel worksheets.

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